For Pastors and Churches

At the heart of the ministry of Freedom Journey are churches and pastors.

At a recent national Pastor's Conference we surveyed 125 Pastors and discovered that almost 100% of them indicated that there was a major drug problem in their community and that the drug problem was affecting families in their churches. Yet only 35% said they felt prepared to help families in their church who were in the midst of a struggle. Freedom Journey is committed to turning the tide in these statistics by helping pastors understand how they can minister to those who struggle and families of those who struggle.

We welcome your phone calls and questions. We are available to come and help equip staff members and volunteers in recovery support. We are available to work directly with you if you want to help someone find a good faith based treatment program for their addiction. We are just a phone call away.

Freedom Journey is a non-profit ministry of Freedom Church in Vero Beach, Florida. We are not marketers, nor do we profit from helping you find the right treatment plan. You can call our toll free helpline at 844-64-FREEDOM. That's 844-643-7333 or email us at