For Those Who Love the Struggler

If you are a family member or loved one of a man who is struggling with a life debilitating addiction, Freedom Journey is here to help you, so that you may help them. Your loved one is going through a fearful time. In all probability they have tried to quit and faced detox on their own, but failed from a lack of support and proper medical oversight.

That is why Freedom Journey is here to help you understand how you can best help them by offering options and help through the process. Our goal is to help them get connected to a faith based treatment plan so that the whole man is treated. It has been proven that when faith is applied to a recovery plan with proper long term follow up and a good support system, the success rate is much higher.

Freedom Journey is a non-profit ministry of Freedom Church in Vero Beach, Florida. We are not marketers, nor do we profit from helping you find the right treatment plan. You can call our toll free helpline at 844-64-FREEDOM. That's 844-643-7333 or email us at